Dogs Who Love Their Job

Dogs Who Love Their Job

Dogs who love their job

Topaz, Violet, Venus, Ulu and Rosie are just five of the twenty beautiful Alaskan husky sled dogs I met last weekend.  Marla BB of Hilltown Wilderness Adventures brought them all to DAR State Forest so we could take a dog sled ride.  First I made the rounds to meet the pups, my face getting a thorough licking from each lean, white, friendly dog.  Then we led each eager worker to one of the two sleds where Marla arranged them according to their specialty, whether it be lead dog, trainee, right side, left side or other factors I’m not privy to.   Once hooked up to the sled, each dog said “Let’s GO already!” by barking and leaping.  Straining to hear Marla’s instructions over the commotion, Tom and I quickly situated ourselves onto the toboggan after ten dogs were hooked up to our sled.   In an instant, we were off.  No more clamoring from the dogs –  just the swish of snow under the runners as we sped along under dog-power through the tree-lined, snow-covered trails in DAR. Experiencing the quiet winter forest in this way was simply magical.

We are told the Alaskan Husky is a mix of Siberian husky, German shorthaired pointer and greyhound.  They are active dogs, bred to work.  They would not be happy in a household where they don’t get daily exercise and a chance to run.  Very trainable and smart, hard-working and affectionate, Alaskan Huskies are an amazing dog. Before we leave, each gets a raw chicken thigh and a butt rub as a thank you for a memorable winter ride.

 Nancy Condon

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