October Meeting:



Scotland –

In Search of Very Old Things

Wednesday, October 21, starting at 7 p.m.

On the Zoom webinar platform

Speaker: Sonya Vickers

Registration: Please email Diane at natclubnewsletter@gmail.com by 10 p.m. on Tuesday October 20 to register for this online meeting- see more details below!

Due to COVID-19, we missed our March meeting, when I was going to discuss my travels in Scotland. In October, I will be giving a Zoom presentation of that program. Scotland and New England used to be joined before the Atlantic Ocean separated us, but Scotland got some of the older parts of the things we shared. Some of the insights into how geology works came from early Scottish scientists unraveling the mystery of how rock layers and whole mountains could actually move. The geology is fascinating and the scenery it produced is magnificent. Escape to the highlands for an evening. As noted above, please email natclubnewsletter@gmail.com to register


Letter from the President

As you are aware, there have been a lot of changes in our lives since the Commonwealth State of Emergency that made it necessary to cancel our March, April, and May meetings, and led us to decide against publishing a Summer 2020 newsletter. While September through December meetings cannot occur in person at the Museum, we do plan to meet online, using the Zoom webinar platform. We will see how this works out. Also, we plan to hold a few field trips. I believe we can do this if we social-distance. These are truly crazy times we are living in. I personally miss you all and miss seeing you at the meetings! But there is light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel, and if we are patient and take care of ourselves, we will be back together soon! I trust that you and your families are all well and are going through this unsettling time successfully.~ Dave Gallup

Register to attend Fall Meetings by Zoom!

As Dave mentions above, we are trying something different for Fall 2020: Naturalists’ Club meetings by Zoom! Zoom is a webinar platform that allows users all over the world to “attend” a talk from the comfort of home. Our Zoom meetings will focus on a variety of topics: the implications of Covid-19 for conserving biodiversity, a visit to Scotland, and tips on preparing for a cross-country paddling trip! We’ll also host the December Holiday Party through Zoom. Online, you’ll be able to raise questions and talk with other Club members. So that we can resolve any technical issues ahead of time, we ask that you register for our Zoom meetings ahead of time.

Here’s how:Attend online:

Attend on your computer or Smartphone:  Please email me at natclubnewsletter@gmail.com no later than 10 p.m. the Tuesday evening before the first Zoom meeting you plan to attend. I’ll email you a link that you can use to connect.

Attend by phone: If you don’t use email, please call me at 413-388-2830 and we’ll find a way for you to listen by phone.

Watch the recorded talk: We’ll post recordings of talks on the Club website so that you can watch them (or watch them again!) later.

Hope to see you on Zoom for Fall 2020!